Press Clipping
Top tech startup news for today, Thursday, February 20, 2020: Google, Intel, ZeroFOX, Cornerstone, Betaworks Ventures

Betaworks Ventures Invests $200k in SyncFloor with Audiocamp. SyncFloor, the commercial music marketplace powered by natural language search, has been accepted as part of Betaworks Audiocamp program. In addition to extensive mentoring and support, SyncFloor will receive $200K in funding to jumpstart its next business initiatives. SyncFloor is a marketplace of commercial music to be used in advertisements, film, TV, video games and more. We are revolutionizing sync licensing, from music discovery through license clearance. Whether you’re a music supervisor on a dramatic film, a music researcher at an advertising agency, an editor on a documentary, or a producer on a TV series, SyncFloor is your one-stop shop for music from brands you already know and trust.