Press Clipping
$ 200,000 investment,SyncFloor solves the inefficiency of music synchronization authorization

SyncFloor is a commercial music copyright licensing platform,The company's founder, Kirt Debique, has 20 years of experience working at Microsoft,Another co-founder, Cestjon McFarland, is a senior intellectual property lawyer..

It is reported that,SyncFloor recently received support from Betaworks, a seed-stage venture capital firm.As part of the Betaworks Audiocamp program,In addition to extensive guidance and resources,SyncFloor will also receive a $ 200,000 investment.

SyncFloor says,Obtaining this investment will help the company reach multiple key collaborations with industry partners.Senior Intellectual Property Lawyer,Co-founder Cestjon McFarland says:"This signals that we will better promote and change the way music sync licenses are traded,Make it easier for professional music producers and music managers to find the music they need."

Danika Laszuk, general manager of Betaworks Audiocamp, said:"Music sync licensing has always been a severely inefficient market." Fortunately,SyncFloor has set about changing this situation.The platform features support for searching using natural language,You can also set the price range,Let users quickly find music that meets their budget and artistic standards,And obtain high-quality commercial music synchronization license.By providing a large library and a smooth trading experience,SyncFloor will unlock huge growth potential in the music sync licensing market.

SyncFloor addresses a major challenge in the music licensing market,How to make professional music producers quickly find high-quality music at the right price.Simultaneously,For independent musicians and labels,The platform can also help them bring more value to their music.

This also reflects the original intention of the two founders to establish SyncFloor.Kirt Debique left his senior technical position at Microsoft to co-found the platform with Cestjon McFarland,He said:"We are happy to receive investment and support from Betaworks,Hope to bring more opportunities for independent music licenses for outstanding works by independent musicians,Let quality music spread on more diverse platforms."