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Podcasters Get Another Option To License Music.

Fresh off the release of analysis showing just 18% of podcasts include music, the music licensing firm SyncFloor has announced it’s targeting the podcast community. It has created Songs For Podcasters, an online platform helping show producers find and license tracks for use in their podcast.

“Music can be just as important to a podcast as it is to an advertisement, in terms of creating the right vibe, but podcasters aren’t typically plugged into today’s complex sync licensing network,” said SyncFloor co-founder Cestjon McFarland. “Because of this, we decided to create, a version of our platform specific to their needs.”

SyncFlor specializes in works from indie artists and labels such as Motor Music. It was founded 20 years ago by McFarland, an attorney by trade, and Microsoft veteran Kirt Debique. SyncFloor’s storefront centralizes sync opportunities and simplifies the entire licensing process, from initial discovery through rights clearance, download and use. In addition to podcasters, the company also licenses music for video use, such as TV and film.

“Everyone wants real-time solutions in today’s fast-paced world,” said Debique. “We’ve built a platform that enables quick and easy sync transactions, while preserving and even enhancing the creative side of music discovery and the joy of finding the perfect song.”

SyncFloor enters a podcast music licensing marketplace that already includes companies including Nashville-based Soundstripe, which last September raised $2 million in investment financing to move deeper into the business of licensing music to podcasters.

SourceAudio and SoundExchange have also been told of a new service being created that would allow works from the big record companies and top-selling artists to be integrated into podcasts. The two companies said last year they planned to begin offering a deep library of musical works in 2020, although its rollout appears to have stalled.