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SyncFloor now available for public use

Music licensing startup SyncFloor has rolled out its service to the public. The search and discovery service lets users find suitable music for their production, including film, TV, advertisements and broadcasts.

The platform enables music to be found using natural search terms in the same way music supervisors and other professionals think about music. Music searches can be filtered according to mood, energy, theme, tempo, genres and time.

Additionally, SyncFloor offers independent labels, distributors, synch agents and publishers a ready-made storefront to promote their catalogues for synch opportunities.

“There is so much great music out there, music that reflects the unique perspectives and artistic visions of amazing musicians,” SyncFloor CEO and co-founder Kirt Debique said. “Similarly, there are many in the film, TV, and video production world who are looking for just the right song.

"The problem has been connecting the two sides, helping producers navigate a sea of possibilities to find the one track that works and is available to license. SyncFloor can make those connections.”

“Everyone wants real-time solutions in today’s fast-paced world. We’ve built a platform that enables quick and easy synch transactions, while preserving and even enhancing the creative side of music discovery and the joy of finding the perfect song.”

The company also vowed to serve the growing podcast community. SyncFloor has extended its platform technology to create a new site dedicated to podcast producers, allowing them to find and license tracks for use in their podcasts.

SyncFloor co-founder Cestjon McFarland said: “Music can be just as important to a podcast as it is to an advertisement, in terms of creating the right vibe, but podcasters aren’t typically plugged into today’s complex synch licensing network. Because of this, we decided to create, a version of our platform specific to their needs.”

Earlier this year, the startup secured(link is external) a $200 000 investment from Betaworks Audiocamp, which was meant to help SyncFloor implement several key integrations with industry partners.

Users can sign up or find more information on SyncFloor here.