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Extend Your Reach, Find Your Sound: How Brands Can Find The Right Music To Fit Brand Identity Via Tech

In this moment of great uncertainty, being fast and flexible is immensely important. Marketers and advertisers are confronting two direct consequences of the global Covid-19 pandemic: more conservative budgets and more challenging production conditions. We have to change how we work and what creative assets, like music, we use to engage our potential audiences.

For brands, there’s an immediate need to acknowledge COVID and find ways to connect better with customers during this time. Music and copy are strong emotional connection devices that can do a lot of the heavy lifting. We’ve all seen the “we’re here with you” messaging, and subsequent supporting pieces that speak to evolving social conditions, customer needs, and buying habits. Though our instincts may lead us to pick tried-and-true sounds, like the ubiquitous pensive solo piano, music can be more emotionally nuanced. Brands should consider how to fine-tune their audio presence and how to adjust their sonic brand as things change.

This attention to sonic branding will grow in importance as time moves forward. Agencies and production companies are discussing how to ethically restart productions in a more traditional sense. That means not only thinking ahead to when people can gather to produce work, but also the shelf life of the work that’s produced if conditions revert back to heavier social distancing recommendations.

Finding music that can fit brand identities, the spirit of the times, and a specific budget and deadline doesn’t have to be time consuming, but it does require a shift in workflow. More traditionally, music teams would leverage personal contacts in searches by sending briefs to individual labels, sync houses, and sync reps. Leveraging your relationships is a great way to discover new music you may not have been privy to before your search began. For personal enrichment, I often find new artists that way myself, but tight schedules and budgets don’t always allow for this more time-intensive music discovery.

Augmenting your search with technology can extend your reach. When that technology provides you with access to a body of curated, one-stop, commercial music, you can confidently sync what you need when you need it. Applying technology like SyncFloor to your search could help simplify music discovery and clearance, leaving more time for creativity.